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  • LEMASQUE is a lifestyle fashion brand that dissolves fashion splendor and pursues minimalist modernism.

  • Brand that aims to be wearable casual and has a lovely and witty look

  • Lifestyle Men's Fashion Shop

  • Escape from monotonous everyday life, but not boring unisex brand

  • It is a brand with a concept of "Berlin Romance", which is not decorated colorfully but chicly adds UNIQUE. With a chic and stylish sensibility, we propose a free and comfortable silhouette and pursue practical luxury.

  • Emotional unisex brand that does not care about the eyes by changing concept every season

    Constantly explores the amazing beauty that emerges from the feminine and masculine lines, and pursues progressive design that demands imposing for all women in the world.

    Create a fashion that is your language, the unisex designer brand chosen by celebs




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